To the Women Who Have Come. To the Women Who Will.

Aqua Womxn by Reyna Noriega

Our mothers, their mothers and so forth; see how they have built safer, beautiful havens for us just so we feel protected. They have personified strength and courage, setting themselves as barometers against which nothing will ever compare.

Our daughters, their daughters and so forth; see how they give us hope and a desire to be better, do better each day. We thrive on this hope; to leave this home filled with love and power and resilience.

And then, we, who constantly seek a more compassionate, accepting world. Let us never feel guilty for asking for love, relentlessly pushing the bars up, crushing the stereotypes.

To the women who have come, to the women who will.




I believe in words. ✨

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I believe in words. ✨

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