The Crown: Bejewelled with ‘Margaret-ism’

2 min readOct 31, 2021


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At long last, I know who I am and what I represent. A woman in my own right. A woman for the modern age. And, above all, a woman who is free. Free to live, to love, and free to break away.
— Princess Margaret, The Crown

To put it simply (when everything else about it is only the word’s opposite), Netflix’s The Crown is ‘magnificent’. Chronicling the life — personal and her reign — of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, The Crown’s composition is exuberantly gorgeous, breathtakingly thrilling, and intimately sculpted. The performances of the brilliant cast bring the finery of its impeccably-wrought writing to the screen, exhibiting an effortless mastery of the story’s well-measured wavelengths.

Presently, the show is four-season long, with the fifth due in 2022. And each time we wondered what could surpass the previous, The Crown gifted a grander, more exquisite piece of art!

While each character formed an empathetic arc that touched our hearts, it was Princess Margaret’s, notably delivered by the marvellous Vanessa Kirby in the first two seasons, who metamorphosed into a supreme insignia of ‘humanness’ in the series. Repeatedly heartbroken, hurt, and made lonely by an institution fearful of acceptance and love, Princess Margaret made the ‘mess’ palpable by living it, feeling it, unapologetically. Her charisma was lavish, wicked, and radiant — just like her beloved jewels! Her vulnerability and consequent impulsiveness added great depth and nuance to the storyline, which could otherwise be rendered thirsty of both. Like Princess Diana, Princess Margaret too reformed the British monarchy into what it is today.

Writing and direction that understand restraints and flows like The Crown’s, the show makes for a perfect binge-watching treat against the backdrop of this festive season. And who knows, you might also end up secretly fetching a few fashion tips from the best, Princess Margaret!

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