The Angrier Sex

2 min readAug 5, 2021

The convenience with which women are labelled as the angrier sex is so unsettling.

The moment we call out people’s biases and regressive opinions, tags of “callously angry”, “inherently naive”, “overly ambitious”, and “can never take a joke” automatically get pinned on not just one individual’s chest but the whole lived reality of womanhood.

The world takes it for a given that our mouths will always spill sugarcoated words smeared with politeness while it continues to be condescending and dismissive of our experiences. No opportunity gets lost in denouncing the idea of feminism and slamming its basic tenets.

Feminism — a concept which our mothers should have known when they were dealing with domestic violence every day; which our friends should have known when their partners forced them for sexual gratification; or which our sisters should have known when their fathers married them off against their wishes. The horrors do not exhaust, and certainly not with one gender. Does it still look unjustified?

All we seek is to take our agency into our hands. Feminism fills us with hope in a recklessly hopeless world. But, our anger looks threatening because we are expected to diminish ourselves just to get accommodated in these cruel establishments. No wonder when we ask for gender equality and equity, the world sees it as oppression!