20 Red Flags

Feb 1, 2022


Sourced from Pinterest
  • “not all men.”
  • “you are not like other girls.”
  • “…and then these women talk about feminism.”
  • “i’m better than other men.”
  • “working or not, my wife would need to take care of the house.”
  • “it was just a joke. don’t turn it into a feminist issue.”
  • “marriage material.”
  • “my ex was crazy.”
  • “I don’t like hairy women.”
  • “don’t you need to shave?”
  • “you shouldn’t wear shorts outside. i don’t like other men ogling at you.”
  • “periods are gross.”
  • “why do you even need guy friends?”
  • “bros before hoes.”
  • “why can’t you call it humanism instead of feminism?”
  • “#metoo was a man-hunt.”
  • “she was giving me all these signals.”
  • “you could look really beautiful if you put in some effort.”
  • “i want gender equality, but i’m not a feminist.”
  • “you are too smart for a woman.”




I believe in words. ✨


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