14 questions for when you’re falling in love with them

credits: puuung
  1. how loud is their laugh? does their laugh make you laugh?
  2. one of their pet peeves that you find oddly hilarious?
  3. on a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate their gift-gifting abilities?
  4. can their eyes apologise?
  5. do they like dogs? or cats? both? none???
  6. if you ask them to join you for grocery shopping, would they decline?
  7. do they let silences or fill them with music?
  8. have they been completing your sentences lately?
  9. how sweet are their desserts:
    - too sweet?
    - not sweet enough?
    - bitter all the way?
  10. what was it about their ex that they loved?
  11. when listening, do they just nod or scatter infinite ?
  12. how do they wind down after a long, long day? also, black or white — what suits them more?
  13. do they click pictures of you thinking you don’t know?
  14. are you sure you haven’t already fallen in love with them?



I believe in words. ✨

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